Cairns’ Best Range of Marine Batteries

The demands of the sea are often high, which is why you need a special kind of battery to meet them. Conditions of the sea can be hard to predict so when you set sail you want the peace of mind knowing your marine battery operates reliably.

While most car batteries spend much of their life on smooth, sealed roads (4WD enthusiasts aside), those used in boats must deal with constant vibration and movement caused by the waves. With this being the case, marine batteries are specifically made to handle the ocean’s wrath!

From small tinnies to a large watercraft we have the range to ensure your time on the water will be hassle free!

We also have Ultra Performance Deep Cycle Batteries for those large boats with house batteries or for those lucky enough to have a Motor Guide or Minn Kota.

Choosing the right marine battery is dependent on what you’re using it for, so more often than not you want to be considering matching your unique needs to the product.

That’s where Battery Man Cairns come in.

We have the expertise to assist you in choosing the right marine battery for your specific need.

For more information on marine batteries, contact one of our friendly staff today and we’ll point you in the right direction.