The Best Range of Deep Cycle Batteries for Sale in Cairns

Whether you need a small battery to power the fridge while out on the water, or a larger battery that is capable of powering a number of appliances around the campsite, Battery Man Cairns has a product to suit your specifications.

We have a wide range of camping and marine batteries available right here in Cairns at fantastic prices – in fact, we are able to beat any advertised price by 10%!

Our camping and marine batteries provide the power you need

Typically used for caravans, campers and boats, a deep cycle battery is one that is designed to be regularly discharged using most of its capacity – rather than delivering short, high-current burst (such as starter batteries).

This type of battery is used to power a wide range of appliances while on the water or around the campsite, including fridges/freezers, lights and power sockets – making it possible to charge phones, laptops and other devices. Generally, this type of power supply is set up using a second battery system, allowing it to charge while you drive (once the starter motor has reached its required charge).

A deep cycle battery can also be charged via solar systems and generators, ensuring you have a virtually limitless supply of power while off the grid – now that’s what we call freedom!

To get the best possible lifespan out of these batteries, it’s important to ensure they are charged regularly. A general rule of thumb is to try and ensure the charge doesn’t drop below 45% capacity – once it reaches this level, it’s important to ensure it is charged.

We have a wide range of deep cycle batteries for sale

We stock a broad range of different products, including dry cell and lead-acid types, different sizes/amp-hours, and also products that are specifically made for long days on the water. While most car batteries spend much of their life on smooth, sealed roads (4WD enthusiasts aside), those used in boats must deal with constant vibration and movement caused by the waves. With this being the case, marine batteries are specifically made to handle the ocean’s wrath!

If you are searching for a business that offers a wide range of quality products, we are your leading choice. Whether you know exactly what battery you need – or require advice and assistance to set up your dual battery system – get in touch with us today on 0424 305 109.

Need a New AGM or Gel Battery? Find Deep Cycle Batteries in Cairns

AGM and other deep cycle batteries are a popular choice in many of today’s vehicles and off-grid solar systems, thanks to their low internal resistance and ability to perform well over long periods of time. If you’re looking for new deep cycle batteries in Cairns at a competitive price, look no further than Battery Man Cairns.

Finding the right kind of deep cycle battery in Cairns is easy when you visit our one stop shop. Our friendly team can help you select just the right battery to suit your needs and offer advice on how to potentially extend its lifespan. With proper maintenance, the deep cycle batteries you get at our Cairns location should last for several years.

At Battery Man Cairns, we carry a broad range of products, including those from some of the most reputable deep cycle battery brands, including Sunshine State, Full River, Century and much more. As an independent reseller, not a franchise, we offer personalised service and can answer most questions involving deep cycle batteries that our Cairns customers usually have.

If you’d like to get a free quote or learn more about our extensive product inventory, be sure to contact Battery Man Cairns at any time—or drop into our warehouse and showroom, centrally located just north of Cairns Airport.

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